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Ocean Life

3 Orca Whales spyhopping, thats Ocean Life pure!

Ocean Life - Northern Resident Orca Whales, I15, British Columbia

A unique picture of three spyhopping orca whales checking out the sights above the water and enjoying the ocean life ! Spyhopping is when the Killer whales hang vertically in the water with their head partially above the water line. It is unusual to have three orca whales spyhopping right next to each other and at the same time.

These guys were definitely synchronized as they rose to the top and then just as gracefully slid back down to below the water line, back into their ocean life.

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Ocean Life
Picture of ocean life, three orca whales spyhopping in the Pacific Ocean.

Pictures from the collection "Transient Killer Whales"

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    Ocean Life
    3 Orca Whales spyhopping, thats Ocean Life pure!
    Scientific Name
    Orcinus orca
    Rolf Hicker
    Photo name
    sc_8015 - Ocean Life

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