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Gray Whale Photo

Gray Whale Photo, Baja California, Mexico

Gray Whale Photo - Gray Whales - Eschrichtius Robustus, Baja California - Mexico.

I captured this gray whale photo just as a young calf surfaced and rested his chin on the back of, presumably, his mother. He was checking me out from a safe distance and with the security of having mom right there before slipping back into the water.

I spent quite some time with these friendly whales and it was a special experience and opportunity for getting a gray whale photo.

Gray Whale Photo
Photo of a small Gray Whale off the Baja California coast in Mexico

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    Gray Whale Photo
    Gray Whale Photo, Baja California, Mexico
    Scientific Name
    Eschrichtius Robustus
    Rolf Hicker
    Photo name
    rhk00101 - Gray Whale Photo
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